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jmoneyxxx said: What does India Westbrook do?

she mostly models.

bluesuguar said: Does India have a tattoo ? If so, what does it say?

She has five.

1. the top of her middle back has a Red Cross with the #6 in it.
Written under the cross is, “the past is practice.” [ oh and the reason there’s a 6.. Is because she’s the sixth child.]

2. On her left side, “gods will” is written with the date 1-1-2000.

3. Her right side has Hebrew writing.

4. down the left side of her back says, “what comes easy won’t last and what last won’t come easy.”

5. And down her left hip says, “trust no one, the devil was once an angel.”

Anonymous said: Some of the things india posts makes it sound like she actually is dating the game .. Right ?

Yes. but it seems like she likes ppl not knowing. you know but you really don’t know. If that makes sense.. lol.
but it’s her business so it doesn’t really matter.

Anonymous said: Was india the first one out of the family to become Instagram famous


Anonymous said: poor india she wont do one never again , omfg.


hippster-love22 said: why do u guys trust her actually I personally no ron and he's a very good man , india played him I no she pretty an all but honestly guys she's a damn liar an got all yall wrapped around her finger and its sad how u guys can go and attack him like that when you dnt know the real situation, and also she is a hoe trust me she's the reason for all the breakups don't fall for that pretty face cause its fooling you! <3 nice day


tiaralways said: I love Crys Selena top!!! ❤️

I do too!